The B.Clishea Guides to Healthy Hair success.

Having Natural hair can be a complex and confusing journey. What products can I use in my hair? What are good ingredients? What can I do to make my hair grow? 
BeClishea has taken the guesswork out of caring for your hair. 

With 5 simple and easy to follow books, they've really made it that much easier to take the plunge.

A DIY Guide For All Things Natural hair-

The first book has tons of diy recipes. They are all straightforward and easy to follow. A lot of hair products on the market have side-eye worthy ingredients lists. Another thing too is that naturals outside of the U.S have a significantly harder time finding reasonable priced hair products. 
Queue Do-It-Yourself products. These products are generally a blend of whatever fruits and oils one finds in their home. But DIY's have evolved to more than just a random blend of oils and produce. 
This book will covers topics such as:
Different types of conditioners
* Hair rinses
* 35 hair conditioner recipes with all-natural ingredients
* Tips that will help you pick the right conditioner for your hair
* And more!
If you love making your own hair products then click here to order your copy from amazon today!

Homemade Shampoo: 25 Easy DIY Recipes to Cleanse and Moisturize Your Natural Hair

Cleansing your hair is one of the most important steps in the hair care process. Failure to adequately clean your hair and scalp can result in bacterial and fungal growth which can cause hair loss. 
Making homemade shampoo has always been a tricky topic for me. This book has definitely opened my eyes to the options available to me. Shampoos that are too strong can causes striped, dry hair so I love the fact that this book focuses on the scientific principles behind making a good hair cleanser. 
They are still very easy to follow.

Definitely check out this book here on Amazon today!

Goodbye Frizz, Hello Manageable Hair: 25 DIY Tea & Herbal Hair Rinse Recipes for Soft & Glowing Natural Hair

Frizz. Many naturals loathe it. It always seems to ruin a perfect style and then we end up spending so much time trying to tame every single out of place frizz. This book covers the following topics-

* 25, easy to make and use tea and herbal hair rinse recipes
* Basic types of hair rinses
* How to find the RIGHT rinse for you
* The differences between teas
* Where to purchase your herbs or teas
* And much more!

Click here to order your kindle copy today for only $2.99!

Oils are amazing! Correction- The right oil blends are amazing! To properly nurture your hair you must use oils. BeClishea has thought of everything! 
Get your hair right with this book that covers 25 easy DIY Hair oil infusions.

"From carrier oils to essential oils, herbs to herbal infused oils, this book has something for everyone. With 25 DIY recipes, including an easy to reference herb and oil chart, this is the Natural Hair Care Bible you’ve been searching for!"

Order your copy here for only $2.99.

Protective styling. That word is thrown around for pretty much all styles where the ends are tucked in. But is that all it takes for a style to be truly a protective one? Surely the quality of the hair extensions,  the length of time we keep them in and the method of installation are all very important.

This book will teach you:

How to protect and retain your natural hair while wearing extensions.

The many varieties of hair extensions available including wigs, weaves, and clip-ins to name a few.

How to choose the RIGHT hair extension method to protect and grow your natural hair

How to install, maintain, and remove hair extensions

And so much more! If you love braids, like myself, then you definitely need to check out this book so you can get the maximum benefit from wearing protective styles.

All these books are available on Amazon for only $2.99. Definitely Check them out and start making your own DIY products today!

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