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CliShea- Healthy hair care line

Recently I had the privilege of trying these fabulous products by Clishea. My interest was piqued when I found out that this line has Tamanu oil, a favourite of mine. Tamanu oil has many beneficial properties and helps to protect the hair and scalp while promoting growth and length retention. The simple yet stylish packaging was very appealing too. Clishea sells an assortment of hair kits. Each hair kit comes with all the products shown but with one varying key ingredient. From example, there is Tamanu oil in the Tamanu kit shown above, there's also an argan oil kit and an olive oil kit. 


I was a bit skeptical at first because honestly, these products are pretty small compared to others. However, they are very concentrated and only a small amount is needed. The shampoo cleans well without leaving my hair dryer or stripped. The entire line has a relaxing scent. It reminds me of being at the spa. There's a hint of citrus followed by lavender. It's quite earthy as well an if you don't like these types of scents, it may take a little getting used to. 

The conditioner has so much slip, I could finger detangle afterwards. I left it in for n additional 15 minutes under a plastic cap as a deep treatment. My hair feels amazing after each use! What I liked about this conditioner is its versatility.  I used it as a conditioner, a deep conditioner and then afterwards I used a little as a leave in! It's great to be able to get so much from one product!

Next I followed up with the hair butter. This butter has a thick consistency and is more of a pomade. However it does melt easily once you rub your hands together. It gave my hair a lot of sheen and made it feel incredibly soft and smooth. The serum is so smooth and slippery, it makes styling a breeze! It does have some dimethicone but the shampoo easily removes that on the next wash. So you don't have to worry about buildup. 

Overall I love these products. I do wish they would include a water based creme or leave in. Who knows, maybe in the near future there will be! 
So see some styles I did with these Clishea product, check out the videos below.

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