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Mello Hair Care Products

Mello Hair Care products

     So a few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady who lives here in Canada and asked if I'd like to review her products.  I immediately went on her site and took a look at her products. One glance at the ingredients list and my interest was piqued! All of her products are 100% natural!

The Curl Hydration hair spray is amazing! It has a lovely pepperminty scent and really makes my scalp tingle! It feels like it's opening up my follicles! Peppermint oil is said to be the only oil scientifically proven to promote growth, so I was so happy that it has peppermint oil!  It made my hair feel very moisturized and definitely cleared up my sinuses! 
The Moisture Retention hair butter is more like a thick pomade and is fantastic for sealing in moisture. Especially with the upcoming winter months, I really don't think you can go wrong with this butter! It's so rich and so packed with amazing, all natural and organic ingredients that your hair will feel …