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Up North Naturals     I recently go the opportunity to try some new products that I had never tried before and I must say I was completely blown away! The brand is Up North Naturals. Not only is this brand owned by a black woman, but it is also based out of Canada! Which means they are more readily available for all Canadian curlies! 
I wanted to try these products on old dry hair to ensure that I put them through a real test, and I must say they did really well. i started with the Clean Curls Cleanser. However when I saw that it had African Black Soap I immediately thought " Nope, this is gonna strip my hair." I've had bad experiences with African Black Soap before, so I decided to first pre-shampoo/pre-poo with their 8-oil Blend. This left my hair feeling so clean, yet not stripped or dry at all! My hair was moisturized and my scalp was clean, I mean what more can you ask for from a shampoo? 
Next, I followed with the TLC Replenishing Conditioner and this is one of nices…