Products that cater specifically to us women with naturally kinky hair are hard to find in Canada. Places like Sally's Beauty Supply, Target and Walmart carry all the products that I want, but only in the U.S stores. While the same store are here in Canada, they carry no brands of consequence. ( I'm referring to said stores within the province in which I live, Saskatchewan, as I cannot speak for other provinces like British Columbia or Ontario). For example, natural hair is almost synonymous with Shea Moisture, yet there is no Shea Moisture products here. Neither are their Carol's Daughter, Curls, Camille Rose Naturals or Kinky Curly. None of the brands I would want.

Not being able to find suitable hair products can be discouraging, I know. However I've found ways of getting awesome natural hair brands into Canada. Here's a list! 

 House of beauty world

I love this site because it has a very wide variety of products! There lots to choose from! I've bought perm rods, hair products, curling wands, dryers just to name a few. The prices are a bit higher than they are in the United States but that is to be expected. The shipping works out better when you buy in bulk. So if you only need a pack of perm rods it would be a waste of money to buy it from house of beauty. Buy all that you need one time. I shop from them every couple months so as to cut down on shipping costs. 


I- Herb claims to sell primarily organic, or natural products. Their natural hair products are reasonably priced and the shipping starts from $4 for 4lbs. That's very reasonable compared to some sites I've dealt with before. The shipping is also quick and if my order is under 4lb I'm not charged any extra at the door. 

HoneyFig in Toronto

HoneyFig is awesome! They have excellent customer services and during the holidays they always send free gifts with my purchase, nice gifts too! I once got a makeup bag, the next time I got a shoe storage bag with embroidering. So yes I love them! Plus them always have sales and coupon codes, and free shipping! Now here's the thing with HoneyFig, their prices are a little high, compared to the U.S prices, however that is to be expected. They import their stock and they have to pay knot fees, it's expected that these fees would have to be passed on to the customer in the cost of the item. 

Take this example. I wanted some Carols Daughter's products and saw that they were way cheaper on the Carols Daughter's website, even with the shipping to Canada. I got a deal right? Wrong! When they reached my door, I had to pay the delivery guy almost $20. Which brought me right around the same figure as Honeyfig. If you are in the Toronto area you can visit their brick and mortar store which I've heard is really nice and has these awesome natural haired ladies working there. 


Jennifer is an amazing natural hair Youtuber! I stumbled upon a comment on her instagram page where she was explaining to a user how she could get products for her since the user didn't live in the U.S. I immediately direct messaged her to find out if she really did source products for non-U.S naturals and she said yes! I was really happy to find this out! Their are many products that I wanted to try but couldn't get not even from the three first sites listed above. That's where Jennifer comes in. So I tell her what I want, she gets me a quote and I paypal the funds to her. When she gets a shipping quote for me, then PayPal that to her too. She only charges $5 to cover for her gas and her time. In my opinion that's a really reasonable figure. I got my first shipment from her last week and I'm over the moon! I also asked her to ship it without tracking, and that way I wasn't charged any import fees at the door! (Insider trick!) Check her out if your are interested in trying hard to find products! 

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