Colouring Natural Hair With Permanent Color

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 I am a big advocate for having fun with your hair. Many persons act like hair is this delicate spiders silk that will break off at the slightest touch. *insert eye roll*  This week I decided to go ahead and color my hair. I have been toying with the idea from last summer and actually tried to color my bar with the Ion Color Brilliance Demi permanent due and a 10 volume developer, but alas, the color was undetectable.

So I decided that I wanted a vibrant color that could be clearly seen, not just when I'm standing in the sun, at a particular angle. I went with the Loréal highcolor Highlights in colors Red and Magenta. I used 30 volume developer to lift my natural hair color up to three shades. 

Loréal Highcolor Highlights 

I chose this brand after watching lots of Youtube videos, scouring instagram for before and after pics and searching for product reviews on Google. I also went in to Sallys Beauty Supply and spoke to a sales representative. Loréal Highcolor is designed primarily for women with dark hair. I was still a bit skeptical about the overall effectiveness of the color but decided to try it anyway. 

I found the entire process not too difficult. I first applied my Ion Pre-Color Treatment, it is labeled to be a porosity equalizer which should help the color to be more even color distributed along the hair shaft so you aren't left with blotches of har colour in certain areas. Then I simply mixed both tubes of color with 5 ounces of the developer, as its a 2:1 ratio. (Both tubes are about 2.5 ounces so 5 ounces of developer would be required). Then I mixed it well and applied it with a brush to my hair that was already separated into 4 sections. Finally I covered with my plastic cap and sat under my hooded dryer for about 10 minutes on medium heat. 

My roots ended up being so much brighter than my ends, (this is called "Hot Roots"). I was going for more of a deep reddish brown color, but the heat from my scalp caused the roots color to turn out super red. Your scalp produces heat, and heat speeds up the coloring process. Thus the areas closest to the scalp, (the roots) will be the brightest. Be sure to apply the color in this order- the middle of the shaft, the ends of the hair and then the roots. If it takes 30 minutes to process the hair completely, you may chose to apply the color to the roots within the last 15 or 10 minutes. I had also added additional heat which made my ends a brighter red than I had wanted. Next time I will probably skip this step.

Rinsing out was super easy and my bath tub wasn't stained either. The color washed off quite easily. The only thing stained were my nails, when I took the gloves off to rinse. 
I shampooed win my Carol's daughter Monoi conditioner, followed with their conditioner and then used the Ion Color Defence after color sealer. I bought 3 packets for $1.99 and I'll be using them whenever I wash to preserve the color and prevent color-bleeding. 

Pros & Cons

Pros- vibrant color, hair doesn't need to be bleached, easy to apply, affordable, doesn't bleed/transfer, doesn't alter hair pattern
Cons- smells awful and makes hair a bit dry. 

Next time...

For my next application I'll probably use 20 volume developer on my roots and the standard 10 for the length of my hair. 


Overall I'm satisfied with this brand and my results. I haven't experienced any change in curl pattern, or texture. My hair does seem to be a bit dryer so I'll be trying to increase the TLC. That means more deep conditioning, definitely more protein treatments and moisturizing more frequently. I'd give this system 4 out of 5 curls!

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