Straightening natural hair the healthy way

So you love having natural hair but prefer it silky straight? Do you want to switch things up but you're afraid of head damage? If any of these apply to you, then try the new Beautiful Textures- Texture Manageability System! It comes in the form of a kit with instructions, a shampoo, and a conditioner. 

How does it work? 

The conditioner in this kit boasts Inner Active technology. According to their website-
''Whatever your hair texture—-curly, kinky-coily, wavy or frizzy—-the new Texture Manageability™ System allows you to go from natural curls to straight styles and back again without the harsh chemicals and without permanently changing your natural hair texture.
The Texture Manageability™ System provides the ultimate in styling versatility and manageability, with the movement and touchable hair softness you want. Its unique complex of Inner-Active™ oils, butters, amino-acids and natural proteins link with your hair’s own natural proteins to give you up to 4-6 weeks of Reversible™ straightening.'' 

Is it easy to use?

This kit is super easy to use. The instructions are very straightforward and the results are phenomenal! You shampoo your hair with the shampoo provides, follow with the conditioner which you apply to damp hair and not rinse out. Then you blow-dry and flat iron. 

Will my hair revert after use?

The system is designed to coat the hair and leave it smooth as well as seal the hair shafts and keep hair frizz-free and sleek even in humidity! The system provides heat protection so the risk of heat damage is minimized, provided you follow the instructions on the recommended heat to be used. Because of the hair-coating ingredients, it may take up to six weeks of washing for it to be fully removed from the hair. It may take a few washes, but your curls will bounce back! I noticed my curls pattern was looser after the first wash, almost wavy. Within the next two wash days, I noticed my curls were practically back to normal. 

How often can the system be used?

The system can be re-applied every 6 weeks

What's the difference between using the TMS and just flat ironing your hair?

I did both, just to ensure that I could answer this question properly, but to be honest, after using the TMS system, the difference was so obvious that I didn't need to! My hair felt like I just had a fresh perm on virgin hair! You n ow that feeling where your hair feels so thick, healthy and full of body and movement? I literally couldn't stop running my fingers through it! I was truly amazed! This system gave my straight hair life! It wasn't just a flat, listless mess, as it was when I used just my flat iron and regular heat protectant. My hair felt silky and ridiculously soft! The difference is immediately noticeable. I'll never go back to just plain flat-ironing again. 

How long does straight hair last with the system?

My hair stayed straight for about a week and a half before I started noticing my roots getting poofy. When you notice that happening, you can then use some perm rods for some curls or rollers for loose waves. I kept my hair in a bun for the remainder of the second week however, and used water-free edge tamers for a sleek look. 

Is it affordable?

I paid $8 for a kit, and for my length hair I can get two uses from one kit. So yes I think it's quite affordable. 

Love it or hate it?

I give the Beautiful Textures- Texture Manageability system five curls out of five! If you love straight hair give this system a try! Follow the instructions and j don't think you should have any problems! You can opt to do this every six weeks of you want to keep your hair in a straight state. Just remember that every time you wash, you have to blow-dry and flat-iron again if you wan rot straight. You can also wear it in curly styles like twist outs, braid outs, perm rod sets etc, and then wash and flat iron and you'd be back straight. Remember the system lasts for about six weeks until it is completely washed out, but you can change it up as you like. When I first applied it I only wore my hair straight for about 2 weeks and then I was back to my curly styles. Natural hair is fun and it's ok to change things up sometimes! 

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