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Having recently colored my hair, I've learned that some things I used to do before will no longer be best for my hair. Certain products I used to use, won't be as effective as before. Therefore I've come up with a list of the top 5 things I've learned about my colored hair.

1. To keep hair color vibrant and fresh, I wash my hair with cold water. Pretty much the coldest water I can manage. Brrrrrr. Cold water helps to keep the hair shaft closed which reduces the amount of my color being washed down the drain as well as increasing the smoothness and shine of my hair.

2. It's best to use products specifically designed for color treated hair. First of all, this will prevent your color from being faded too quickly, and secondly, these products are generally designed to help strengthen and protect colored hair which is now in a more weakened stated then before the color application. My favorite color-protecting hair products are the new Shea moisture Superfruit line. I …


Products that cater specifically to us women with naturally kinky hair are hard to find in Canada. Places like Sally's Beauty Supply, Target and Walmart carry all the products that I want, but only in the U.S stores. While the same store are here in Canada, they carry no brands of consequence. ( I'm referring to said stores within the province in which I live, Saskatchewan, as I cannot speak for other provinces like British Columbia or Ontario). For example, natural hair is almost synonymous with Shea Moisture, yet there is no Shea Moisture products here. Neither are their Carol's Daughter, Curls, Camille Rose Naturals or Kinky Curly. None of the brands I would want.

Not being able to find suitable hair products can be discouraging, I know. However I've found ways of getting awesome natural hair brands into Canada. Here's a list! 
House of beauty world I love this site because it has a very wide variety of products! There lots to choose from! I've bought perm r…


Colouring Natural Hair With Permanent Color

 I am a big advocate for having fun with your hair. Many persons act like hair is this delicate spiders silk that will break off at the slightest touch. *insert eye roll*  This week I decided to go ahead and color my hair. I have been toying with the idea from last summer and actually tried to color my bar with the Ion Color Brilliance Demi permanent due and a 10 volume developer, but alas, the color was undetectable.

So I decided that I wanted a vibrant color that could be clearly seen, not just when I'm standing in the sun, at a particular angle. I went with the Loréal highcolor Highlights in colors Red and Magenta. I used 30 volume developer to lift my natural hair color up to three shades. 
Loréal Highcolor Highlights  I chose this brand after watching lots of Youtube videos, scouring instagram for before and after pics and searching for product reviews on Google. I also went in to Sallys Beauty Supply and spoke to a sales represent…


Straightening natural hair the healthy way So you love having natural hair but prefer it silky straight? Do you want to switch things up but you're afraid of head damage? If any of these apply to you, then try the new Beautiful Textures- Texture Manageability System! It comes in the form of a kit with instructions, a shampoo, and a conditioner.  How does it work?  The conditioner in this kit boasts Inner Active technology. According to their website- ''Whatever your hair texture—-curly, kinky-coily, wavy or frizzy—-the new Texture Manageability™ System allows you to go from natural curls to straight styles and back again without the harsh chemicals and without permanently changing your natural hair texture. The Texture Manageability™ System provides the ultimate in styling versatility and manageability, with the movement and touchable hair softness you want. Its unique complex of Inner-Active™ oils, butters, amino-acids and natural proteins link with your hair’s own natural…