It's so funny how it's always black people who tell me I'm not black. I can't think of anything I hate more than being told this. First of all, if I'm not black then what the hell am I? Am I white? Indian? Asian perhaps?

The first point you naysayers need to acknowledge is that black is a race. It doesn't just refer to someone's skin colour. I am of the black race because my ancestors are from the black race. That settles it right? Apparently not, because persons now begin to question my "shade" of black. As if there is some color wheel or chart that I have to be on. And if my skin color isn't on that chart then somehow I'm automatically "not black"

Puh- leeeese! Give me a break! And not just me! All my other lighter skinned ladies out there of African decent! While some persons go all out for a lighter look, I've never done that. I appreciate the variety of shades that Black women come in.  It is just as bad as someone bashing another black person for being "too black." It is hurtful and disrespectful. It's rude and I can't begin to comprehend what goes on in another persons mind, that would prompt then to issue such profoundly hateful statements.

Another one I hear too is that I don't look like a Jamaican. What does a Jamaican look like? Seems as if everyone is an expert on how we should all look, think, and behave. *Insert eye-roll* The Jamaican motto is "Out of Many One People."  It refers to the fact that our island is a  melting pot of cultures and races. Persons from many races were brought in to be indentured workers and some slaves from a wide assortment of races. There were Indians, Syrians and Africans (of course), to name a few. There were also Scottish, British and even Irish persons who migrated to Jamaica and all of these people, together created the civilization that we see today. All the decendants of these persons are now Jamaicans. So now we have people of many different ethnic backgrounds but we are all one people. Please do not expect us to all look the same. Not all of us look like Africans.

As black women we already have our work cut out for us. Everything is just a bit harder than it has to be. The last thing we need is one black woman vilifying a next. This is in no way helping us to advance ourselves. Instead of trying to tear each other down, let us uplift and up build each other daily. How much nicer it is to say an encouraging and motivating word, rather than belittling someone for who they are or just because they don't quite fit into the narrow mould that you've shaped out for them. 

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