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Natural Hair Movement I was recently interviewed by a local television station. The interviewer asked me about the natural hair movement, why I went natural, what it means to be natural and others. Now to be completely honest, I was skeptical about doing this interview. Mainly because I was concerned about whether or not I would be able to accurately answer her questions and if I would be able to do justice to the natural hair community.

At the end of the interview I felt as if I did well and I didn't think much more about it. A few weeks later she contacted me to say that she was interviewing other women so as to get more than one opinion. Take a look at the full interview at the link below.

Another black woman was interviewed, and she happens to own a hair salon. On the interview, she says it's not in the cards for ethnic women to have long hair. She goes further to state that so…


It's so funny how it's always black people who tell me I'm not black. I can't think of anything I hate more than being told this. First of all, if I'm not black then what the hell am I? Am I white? Indian? Asian perhaps?

The first point you naysayers need to acknowledge is that black is a race. It doesn't just refer to someone's skin colour. I am of the black race because my ancestors are from the black race. That settles it right? Apparently not, because persons now begin to question my "shade" of black. As if there is some color wheel or chart that I have to be on. And if my skin color isn't on that chart then somehow I'm automatically "not black"

Puh- leeeese! Give me a break! And not just me! All my other lighter skinned ladies out there of African decent! While some persons go all out for a lighter look, I've never done that. I appreciate the variety of shades that Black women come in.  It is just as bad as someone bash…


Transitioning to natural hair can be an exciting and yet immensely frustrating and tiring experience. So much so that many persons, including myself, just forgo transitioning and go directly to the Big Chop. I applaud those who are able to stay on the wagon, it isn't a simple feat.

Transitioning is the process by which one stops further application of chemical relaxers and allows the hair to return to its natural state while retaining the full length of their relaxed hair. (If this makes sense) Basically, you're "growing out" your relaxer. It is especially difficult because your head now has two different hair textures and in most cases these textures are so different that it is very obvious. The roots then are much thicker than the ends of the hair and detangling and even styling becomes time consuming.
How to care for transitioning Hair Preventing Breakage Because of the differences in texture, you must be gentle. Breakage can increase because the area where the n…


A popular protective style that is all the rave right now is Crochet Braids. These employ the use of a latch hook to pull the hair through cornrows. The hook is then opened, the hair opened and the remaining hair pulled through the loop tightly.

What you will need 1 Mannequin Head 1 Mesh Weaving Cap 1 Latch Hook 5 1/2 -6 packs of Rastafri Pre twisted hair (click here to purchase!)
Rastafri Pre-Twisted hair Let's talk about this hair! First off, I love, love, love, it! This has got to be one of the best inventions this half of the century! :-))))))) It comes twisted up, just as you would get it if you went to a braiding salon. The only difference is, this costs only $8 for a pack! They come in a wide variety of colors too! Another great thing about using this hair versus going to a salon, is that it only took me about an hour and a half to make this wig, while if I had gone to a salon, it could have been up to $400 to get this style done! And yes, I did call my local salons for a …