We see it everyday, countless images of long, luxurious hair. Some kinky, some coily, some curly, some straight. One thing is sure, the majority of the images we see flooding our timelines daily illicit envy and in the worst of instances even jealously! We then lament over the slow pace at which our own hair is growing. Even if it is growing, we complain that it's not growing fast enough. We complain about shrinkage, our curl pattern (or lack there of), the styles other naturals can achieve but we can't. We complain when one product works for our favorite Youtuber but not for us. These are just a few of the sentiments many natural haired women voice daily.  But why is this wrong?

Our hair type is determined genetically. One popular line of reason is that even the maximum length we will ever be able to achieve is genetically coded for in our DNA. This isn't going to change. The first step to having a successful natural-hair experience is accepting this fact. I've seen persons with long natural hair, waist length, that was NOT healthy! I could see the split ends and obvious signs of heat damage from across a room! My point is, healthy natural hair is more important than long natural hair.

Having healthy hair starts from within. How is your diet? Are you on medication? When was the last time you had a check-up? Or a full blood work up? A poor diet, certain medications and existing health conditions are all factors that can affect hair growth, as well as other bodily functions! Green juices are becoming ever popular but that's a fad I don't mind at all. Having healthy servings of green leafy vegetables, nuts, fruits, even if its just in a shake form, is very important. I personally hate salads and vegetables in general, so I use my Nutri-bullet to make green juices, and I further compliment my diet with a vitamin supplement. The one I'm using now is called the mane choice. I decided to go with this after doing lots of research and seeing lots of testimonials online and on social media. I stocked up on a six month supply from their Black Friday Sale. (Stay tuned for length check updates)

Manetabolism Healthy hair vtiamin available here.

Exercise is also vital, not only for increased hair growth but also for a healthy body. Increased physical activities increase circulation which in turn increases blood flow to hair follicles. With increased blood flow, follicles can benefit from increased oxygen supply, and increased vitamins and nutrients necessary for growth. It is important to know that once hair has grown out of the follicle and over the skin (scalp), it is dead. So by taking care of our bodies, we can ensure that healthy hair grows out to start with. Think off our follicles as the foundation of a house. Without a solid foundation a house will fall. In the same manner, an unhealthy body cannot efficiently nourish our follicles and produce strong hair.

Other ways we can increase our hair growth is by consuming sufficient amounts of water daily. Hydration is key. Just as we all keep our spray bottles handy and spritz our hair regularly, we should also drink plenty water. Not only will this help increase hair growth but it will also make our skin softer, reduce pimples and just make our bodies feel good!

There is no secret to long hair. There is no one product that is going to miraculously give you long hair overnight. Well...maybe there is one secret, Patience! Everyone wants long hair in ridiculous short periods of time. Those unrealistic expectations are breeding grounds for anger and frustration at your own hair. Be patient, be gentle with your hair, have a proper diet, appropriate amounts of exercise and water,and if you'd like, try hair supplements too. If you are doing all this,then all that is left to do is wait.

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