Entwine Couture

This black-owned-business makes all- natural products that cater to a wide variety of hair types and textures. After having seen quite a few YouTube reviews on their products I contacted them. I was sent some products to review and I was not disappointed!

Entwine couture hair bathè- 

The hair bathè is their version of a shampoo. I am always skeptical when it comes to shampoos. It's such a very rare feat for me to be satisfied, much more impressed with a shampoo but this hair bathè exceeded my expectations! It left my hair so soft, I was able to get the majority of my detangling done with this shampoo! It has no sulfates and did not strip my hair at all.  Mild surfactants were used to create this cleanser, as well as aloe vera juice (humectant- pulls moisture into the hair), apricot
oil, Wheatgerm oil, and safflower oil to mention a few. These oils help to nourish damaged hair, and scalp and helps to aid in repair of damaged hair. Other ingredients include Biotin, which promotes growth, and Panthenol also known as vitamin b5 which helps to strengthen hair as well as moisturize it. My hair felt moisturized and it did lather very well. Only a small amount is needed per section, provided that the hair is sufficiently wet. It is very thick, rich and creamy and has a nice amount of slip for a hair cleanser. (I should point out that I started on dirty, dry hair) This product is probably my favorite from the entire line and at only $10 for 8oz, it's an item I would definately purchase.

Creme hair rinse  

The conditioner had a light scent and wasn't as thick as the shampoo. Once applied, my hair felt
softer. It was as if my hair was soaking it in. It didn't have as much slip as I would've hoped for but when I rinsed it out my hair felt amazing! It was soft, and felt so extremely smooth. I also noticed that I had less shed hair than other wash days. The hair rinse also has some awesome ingredients such as: coconut oil, jojoba oil, illipe but butter, shea butter to name a few. This also retails for only $10 for 8oz.

Exotique leave in hair potion  

If you love lightweight, yet moisturizing leave-in- conditioners, like me, then this is for you! It's packed with exotic butters and oils and is incredibly light and creamy! It has a silky feeling when rubbed between my palms and makes my hair feel silky and ridiculously smooth. I literally couldn't stop running my fingers through it! I had one of the easiest and quickest detangling sessions and my hair felt like butter! I love this leave in (Can you tell??!!) and I give it two thumbs up! 

Creme jelly styler and Exotique butter creme hydrator

I used both of these together. Like I literally put a little of each in my hands and rubbed it together before applying to my hair. What an awesome combo! The slip and silkyness is unbelieveable! I just felt so relaxed while doing my hair, like I was having a spa session. You know that feeling you get when you realize its wash day and you keep putting it off over and over because you just can't be bothered, and just the thought of spending one and a half to two hours to wash, detangle and style makes you feel like you want to take a nap? Well not with Entwine Couture! I always watched YouTube videos and thought, " hmm she's got to be lying" when the girl swears by a product but now I know. My hair was left shiny, and ridiculously soft!


I give Entwine Couture products two thumbs up! I love, love, love the Creme jelly styler and the Exotique butter Creme hydrator but the shampoo is my favourite!!! I did flat twists and wore a wig for two days before taking them down and I had a gorgeous flat twist out! I love that I got defined curls and lots of elongation! Normally, I only get curly hair but tons of shrinkage, not with these products though! They seemed to stretch my hair so my hair seemed so much more voluminous and full of body and of course longer. The prices are beyond reasonable, especially when you consider the quality of the ingredients being used. I give this line two thumbs up! Go check them out, you won't regret it! 

All views expressed in this blog are my honest opinion. 


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