Protective styling doesn't have to be expensive. It can take a little practice to come up with cute styles and even some inspiration from our favorite YouTubeers. Protective styling is any style the keeps our ends and the most of our hair covered so as to prevent damage from the elements. Protective styling is also a way to reduce hair manipulation which can cause wear and tear on strands and the scalp. Basically, it's just giving your hair a break. Here are a few styles I've tried this winter.

1. Twisted up-do

For this style I simply made three ponytails down the middle of my head and then wrapped the ends under to make three buns. I then took the hair from the pack and twisted it with the elastic band still attached and put the band over the first bun. I wrapped it around and bobby pined it in place to ensure it was secure and that my hair was covered. I then moved on to the next bun and then the final one. I got this idea from a video I saw on YouTube my Toni of  Mynaturalsistas. She only did one bun and the side swoop but in another video by Moknowshair she did 2 buns with the fake hair. So this is a fusion of both with my own touch. It's way easier than it looks. Check out both videos below.

Earrings are from www.tonidaley.com

Moknows hair does an updo on her friend Cherrie's hair.

Toni of Mynaturalsistas demonstrates how to achieve a classy updo

2. Box braids.  
Box braids are not as "dangerous" as some naturalistas would have us believe. The key is being gentle with your own hair, cleansing your scalp before installation and moisturizing your hair. Even after the braids are in your natural hair still needs moisture. If you are going to a stylist, ask them to be gentle, especially around your edges. I did mine myself as the cost where I live is $400 to get it done at a salon! I followed the tutorial by Yolanda Renee. (See the video below).

Yolanda Renee shoes how to blend our natural hair seamlessly with braids.

3. Faux bun-
 This one was really simple. I started off of cowashed hair than had been moisturized and left to dry overnight. I then put my hair into a bun and wrapped a twisted pack of kanekalon hair on and over my bun, bobby pining it in place to secure it and cover my natural bun. I then twisted another pack of hair and placed it around the base for a neater look no smoother my edges with curls passion fruit control paste and a boar bristle brush.

4. Head Wraps. One of my favorites, and probably the easiest style is a simple, chic head 
wrap/turban! There are countless videos on YouTube on the wide variety of ways these can be wrapped but I followed the tutorial by one of my favourite Youtubers and my friend Cannie of Mznaturallife. (See video below). I only had an old scarf at the time but I've since ordered quite a few colourful head wraps from thewraplife, I haven't received them yet but I'll be sure to show them in one of my upcoming blogs. ( I can't wait to get them!!!!!! :-)))))

5. Two strand twists.
These are a great protective style and requires little maintenance. I typically do my twists on damp or wet hair, apply my leave in, then my Camille rose naturals Almond Jai butter and then follow with a thick oil such as JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) or a pomade such as Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar pomade. The thicker your oils and butters in the winter the better. They help to seal the
moisture in your hair, prevent dryness and reduce hair damage from the cold.

The journey to healthy hair isn't as daunting as i may seem. With patience and some practice you will be able to master these and many more styles!

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