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Up North Naturals     I recently go the opportunity to try some new products that I had never tried before and I must say I was completely blown away! The brand is Up North Naturals. Not only is this brand owned by a black woman, but it is also based out of Canada! Which means they are more readily available for all Canadian curlies! 
I wanted to try these products on old dry hair to ensure that I put them through a real test, and I must say they did really well. i started with the Clean Curls Cleanser. However when I saw that it had African Black Soap I immediately thought " Nope, this is gonna strip my hair." I've had bad experiences with African Black Soap before, so I decided to first pre-shampoo/pre-poo with their 8-oil Blend. This left my hair feeling so clean, yet not stripped or dry at all! My hair was moisturized and my scalp was clean, I mean what more can you ask for from a shampoo? 
Next, I followed with the TLC Replenishing Conditioner and this is one of nices…


My YouTube Channel After getting quite few requests from persons asking me to start a channel on YouTube I finally gave in. I'd been thinking about it for a while but I would always talk myself out of doing so whenever I considered the cost that goes into getting a camera, lighting and other equipment. I thought I would need to buy an apple computer so I could get I-movie. This was all very off putting because I really don't have that kind of money to spend. 
I decided to try adobe premiere pro software and I must say it is the most difficult software in existence to use if you have no prior experience in the video- editing field. Anyway, it took me about 5 days of watching Youtube tutorials on this software, calling tech support and sleepless nights before I finished editing my second video. The first one I edited with windows movie maker which was pretty easy to use but bug-ridden and would crash all the time. So going forward I hope to master Adobe. 
Also, I've been re…


Having recently colored my hair, I've learned that some things I used to do before will no longer be best for my hair. Certain products I used to use, won't be as effective as before. Therefore I've come up with a list of the top 5 things I've learned about my colored hair.

1. To keep hair color vibrant and fresh, I wash my hair with cold water. Pretty much the coldest water I can manage. Brrrrrr. Cold water helps to keep the hair shaft closed which reduces the amount of my color being washed down the drain as well as increasing the smoothness and shine of my hair.

2. It's best to use products specifically designed for color treated hair. First of all, this will prevent your color from being faded too quickly, and secondly, these products are generally designed to help strengthen and protect colored hair which is now in a more weakened stated then before the color application. My favorite color-protecting hair products are the new Shea moisture Superfruit line. I …


Products that cater specifically to us women with naturally kinky hair are hard to find in Canada. Places like Sally's Beauty Supply, Target and Walmart carry all the products that I want, but only in the U.S stores. While the same store are here in Canada, they carry no brands of consequence. ( I'm referring to said stores within the province in which I live, Saskatchewan, as I cannot speak for other provinces like British Columbia or Ontario). For example, natural hair is almost synonymous with Shea Moisture, yet there is no Shea Moisture products here. Neither are their Carol's Daughter, Curls, Camille Rose Naturals or Kinky Curly. None of the brands I would want.

Not being able to find suitable hair products can be discouraging, I know. However I've found ways of getting awesome natural hair brands into Canada. Here's a list! 
House of beauty world I love this site because it has a very wide variety of products! There lots to choose from! I've bought perm r…


Colouring Natural Hair With Permanent Color

 I am a big advocate for having fun with your hair. Many persons act like hair is this delicate spiders silk that will break off at the slightest touch. *insert eye roll*  This week I decided to go ahead and color my hair. I have been toying with the idea from last summer and actually tried to color my bar with the Ion Color Brilliance Demi permanent due and a 10 volume developer, but alas, the color was undetectable.

So I decided that I wanted a vibrant color that could be clearly seen, not just when I'm standing in the sun, at a particular angle. I went with the Loréal highcolor Highlights in colors Red and Magenta. I used 30 volume developer to lift my natural hair color up to three shades. 
Loréal Highcolor Highlights  I chose this brand after watching lots of Youtube videos, scouring instagram for before and after pics and searching for product reviews on Google. I also went in to Sallys Beauty Supply and spoke to a sales represent…


Straightening natural hair the healthy way So you love having natural hair but prefer it silky straight? Do you want to switch things up but you're afraid of head damage? If any of these apply to you, then try the new Beautiful Textures- Texture Manageability System! It comes in the form of a kit with instructions, a shampoo, and a conditioner.  How does it work?  The conditioner in this kit boasts Inner Active technology. According to their website- ''Whatever your hair texture—-curly, kinky-coily, wavy or frizzy—-the new Texture Manageability™ System allows you to go from natural curls to straight styles and back again without the harsh chemicals and without permanently changing your natural hair texture. The Texture Manageability™ System provides the ultimate in styling versatility and manageability, with the movement and touchable hair softness you want. Its unique complex of Inner-Active™ oils, butters, amino-acids and natural proteins link with your hair’s own natural…


Natural Hair Movement I was recently interviewed by a local television station. The interviewer asked me about the natural hair movement, why I went natural, what it means to be natural and others. Now to be completely honest, I was skeptical about doing this interview. Mainly because I was concerned about whether or not I would be able to accurately answer her questions and if I would be able to do justice to the natural hair community.

At the end of the interview I felt as if I did well and I didn't think much more about it. A few weeks later she contacted me to say that she was interviewing other women so as to get more than one opinion. Take a look at the full interview at the link below.

Another black woman was interviewed, and she happens to own a hair salon. On the interview, she says it's not in the cards for ethnic women to have long hair. She goes further to state that so…


It's so funny how it's always black people who tell me I'm not black. I can't think of anything I hate more than being told this. First of all, if I'm not black then what the hell am I? Am I white? Indian? Asian perhaps?

The first point you naysayers need to acknowledge is that black is a race. It doesn't just refer to someone's skin colour. I am of the black race because my ancestors are from the black race. That settles it right? Apparently not, because persons now begin to question my "shade" of black. As if there is some color wheel or chart that I have to be on. And if my skin color isn't on that chart then somehow I'm automatically "not black"

Puh- leeeese! Give me a break! And not just me! All my other lighter skinned ladies out there of African decent! While some persons go all out for a lighter look, I've never done that. I appreciate the variety of shades that Black women come in.  It is just as bad as someone bash…


Transitioning to natural hair can be an exciting and yet immensely frustrating and tiring experience. So much so that many persons, including myself, just forgo transitioning and go directly to the Big Chop. I applaud those who are able to stay on the wagon, it isn't a simple feat.

Transitioning is the process by which one stops further application of chemical relaxers and allows the hair to return to its natural state while retaining the full length of their relaxed hair. (If this makes sense) Basically, you're "growing out" your relaxer. It is especially difficult because your head now has two different hair textures and in most cases these textures are so different that it is very obvious. The roots then are much thicker than the ends of the hair and detangling and even styling becomes time consuming.
How to care for transitioning Hair Preventing Breakage Because of the differences in texture, you must be gentle. Breakage can increase because the area where the n…


A popular protective style that is all the rave right now is Crochet Braids. These employ the use of a latch hook to pull the hair through cornrows. The hook is then opened, the hair opened and the remaining hair pulled through the loop tightly.

What you will need 1 Mannequin Head 1 Mesh Weaving Cap 1 Latch Hook 5 1/2 -6 packs of Rastafri Pre twisted hair (click here to purchase!)
Rastafri Pre-Twisted hair Let's talk about this hair! First off, I love, love, love, it! This has got to be one of the best inventions this half of the century! :-))))))) It comes twisted up, just as you would get it if you went to a braiding salon. The only difference is, this costs only $8 for a pack! They come in a wide variety of colors too! Another great thing about using this hair versus going to a salon, is that it only took me about an hour and a half to make this wig, while if I had gone to a salon, it could have been up to $400 to get this style done! And yes, I did call my local salons for a …


For some, moisturizing their hair is easy. Getting it to stay moisturized? Not so much. Keeping hair moisturized is one of the biggest challenges faced by naturals. The key to doing so is first knowing your hair and then understanding how to treat and take care of it. In my last post I spoke about Porosity and the role it plays in both moisturizing hair and keeping hair moisturized .Click hereto read that article.

Wiping the slate clean Most naturals Co-Wash (Wash with conditioner only). While this does help to clean the hair without leaving it dry and straw-like, it just isn't able to effectively remove heavy product buildup. So if you are heavy handed, like me, and you use lots of products, butters, or even thick waxy products (beeswax), then co-washing alone won't do. Using a mild Sulphate free clarifying shampoois a great way to remove excess product from your hair and scalp.
 I try to clarify my scalp once or twice a month depending on how much product I applied to my ha…


Porosity For many persons, keeping their hair moisturized is a difficult thing and there are many factors that are responsible for this. One of the biggest reasons for this is hair porosity.

Porosity refers to how well your hair absorbs and holds moisture. Hair porosity is one of the main culprits that may hinder your attempts at maintaining or increasing your hair's moisture content. Think of your hair strands as covered in 'scales.' These "scales' allow water (moisture) in your strands. To get your hair moisturized effectively you have to know whether your hair has low porosity or high porosity. A simple way to determine this is to drop a strand of your hair in a glass of water. If it floats then your hair is low porosity, if it sinks in a short space of time (think 30 seconds to a minute) then you have high porosity. 
Low Porosity Hair With this type of hair things get a little tricky. It's definitely not impossible to moisturize however. Once you know you…


Entwine Couture This black-owned-business makes all- natural products that cater to a wide variety of hair types and textures. After having seen quite a few YouTube reviews on their products I contacted them. I was sent some products to review and I was not disappointed!

Entwine couture hair bathè-  The hair bathè is their version of a shampoo. I am always skeptical when it comes to shampoos. It's such a very rare feat for me to be satisfied, much more impressed with a shampoo but this hair bathè exceeded my expectations! It left my hair so soft, I was able to get the majority of my detangling done with this shampoo! It has no sulfates and did not strip my hair at all.  Mild surfactants were used to create this cleanser, as well as aloe vera juice (humectant- pulls moisture into the hair), apricot
oil, Wheatgerm oil, and safflower oil to mention a few. These oils help to nourish damaged hair, and scalp and helps to aid in repair of damaged hair. Other ingredients include Biotin, w…


We see it everyday, countless images of long, luxurious hair. Some kinky, some coily, some curly, some straight. One thing is sure, the majority of the images we see flooding our timelines daily illicit envy and in the worst of instances even jealously! We then lament over the slow pace at which our own hair is growing. Even if it is growing, we complain that it's not growing fast enough. We complain about shrinkage, our curl pattern (or lack there of), the styles other naturals can achieve but we can't. We complain when one product works for our favorite Youtuber but not for us. These are just a few of the sentiments many natural haired women voice daily.  But why is this wrong?

Our hair type is determined genetically. One popular line of reason is that even the maximum length we will ever be able to achieve is genetically coded for in our DNA. This isn't going to change. The first step to having a successful natural-hair experience is accepting this fact. I've seen …


Protective styling doesn't have to be expensive. It can take a little practice to come up with cute styles and even some inspiration from our favorite YouTubeers. Protective styling is any style the keeps our ends and the most of our hair covered so as to prevent damage from the elements. Protective styling is also a way to reduce hair manipulation which can cause wear and tear on strands and the scalp. Basically, it's just giving your hair a break. Here are a few styles I've tried this winter.

1. Twisted up-do

For this style I simply made three ponytails down the middle of my head and then wrapped the ends under to make three buns. I then took the hair from the pack and twisted it with the elastic band still attached and put the band over the first bun. I wrapped it around and bobby pined it in place to ensure it was secure and that my hair was covered. I then moved on to the next bun and then the final one. I got this idea from a video I saw on YouTube my Toni of  Mynat…