Enduring the cold. Notice my satin scarf under my knitted hat.

Winter is right around the corner. I never really experienced seasonal changes in Jamaica, as it was one perpetual summer all year long. (yes I do miss it!) But the winter in Canada is brutal, with temperatures dipping to below -40 degrees Celsius some days. While you may not experience such extremely cold temperatures. your hair still needs lots of extra love and attention at this time of year.

1. Always wear a hat/beenie/scarf and do protective styling -To preserve my hairstyles, I would first tie my head with a satin scarf, and then put my toque over it. The knitted materials used to make winter hats, beenies etc, tends to rub against the hair, causing it to get frizzy. Protective styles can include wigs, braids (marley, kanekalon etc, or braiding your own hair). They allow for your ends to be tucked away from the harsh weather so they are not damaged.

My first time attempting Marley Braids.

Protective syling using this wig I bought from Blackhairspray.com

2. Avoid Humectants- Humectants are substances that help product to retain water. These include substances such as glycerin, agave nectar and panthenol to name a few. In the summer, humectants help to pull moisture into your hair. In the winter, when the air is dryer, they pull moisture from your hair and into the atmosphere!. Yikes! That's the last thing you need in the winter, your hair will be one dry frizz ball!

3. Do more moisture treatments- Keep your hair in optimal shape by doing heat assisted hot oil treatments and deep conditioning.

4. Co-wash more- Put less stress on your hair by co-washing instead of shampooing. If you must shampoo, try using sulfate free shampoos that won't deplete your hair of its moisture. A mudwash would also be an excellent choice for hair and scalp cleansing! 

5. Use thicker oils to seal your ends- Thicker oils will keep the moisture inside your hair after you've moisturized it with a water-based leave in. Great oils for sealing include castor oil and jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil.

Be extra gently with your hair during the winter as the cold tends to make it dry and brittle.

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