It has been a difficult transition migrating to a new county. But being the resilient person I am the challenges are slowly being conquered. So what's new with me? Well I got married in July, I started working in June and so I have been so busy that honestly I have neglected my hair. I did a light edge trimming a few weeks ago. Not sure how effective that was. Overall my hair is in relatively good shape. Most recently I blow-dried and flat-ironed my hair. It was a bit of a disaster to be honest, I thought my hair would have been long enough by now to get easily styled into a small bun. But it was anything but easy!. I eventually succeeded but I was definitely not pleased with it. The ends of my hair felt thicker than the rest and proved very difficult to straighten. I did use lots of heat protecting serum which really protected my hair. (I washed my hair after a few days and it went back to being curly with no straight hairs poking out which means I did not have any heat damage.)

Softsheen Carson Roots of Nature Thermal Smoothing Serum.

 My hair looked so great when I finished flat ironing it but once I started combing it out to style it, I looked like hell! I ended up just flat twisting the front and making a small weird bun in the back.

I did notice that the recommended amount of the serum for use was ineffective at first so I applied the small amount to each section I flat ironed. My heart was racing the whole time!

Post Flat-ironing.

Would I get heat damage and throw away almost a years worth of hair growth? Would I have to big chop again? Ugh! I was freaking out and I couldn't wait to wash it and find out if my hair was OK, but it was and I am so grateful. I honestly don't feel I would flat iron hair again. At least not in the foreseeable future. It is too much of a risk. I have decided that if I ever want to change up my look again, I will opt for a safer more practical route. That being a wig for example. In a few days I will post a new blog showing a few new wigs I have bought and my thoughts on each. Are they safe for natural hair? What are the pros and cons? Stay tuned for another great article!

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