This hair journey of mine has been a frustrating mix of trial and error and a lot of wasted cash. I have spent far more than I should on hair products, just counting from the beginning of 2013. And so it brings me great joy and satisfacton to finally be able to admit to myself and the world that for now I have found the perfect hair products. Oyin Handmade. Now I am the first to admit how skeptical I can be when I read reviews and the products are praised to such a superlative degree that one begins to wonder if there is some hidden agenda. Is this blogger working for that particular brand? Is she getting money to write such a glowing review? Well in my case the answer to both of those questions is a resounding no. Rather it is just a scenario where I am particularly pleased with my purchase from Oyin Handmade.

Ordering, Prices and Shipping

So I placed my order on April 2,2013. I found 10% off coupons online and also in Oyin's newsletter. (Be sure to subscribe to it!). So I was quite pleased that I got a discount. Because of shipping fees in Jamaica I had to break up the entire order into three separate orders so as not to let the orders exceed $20 us. One of them did however but I didn't pay as much as I thought I would have, so I was still fine. Ordering was a breeze at as the site is very user friendly and is easily navigated. Once my orders were placed, I received an email from oyin informing me of this. In my opinion the prices are quite reasnable as the products are all made of excellent natural ingredients and love :). I bought the 16.9 fl oz Honey Hemp  detangling and moisturizing hair conditioner and it was $18us. The Juices and Berries nourishing herbal leave in hair tonic was $13 for an 8.4 fl oz bottle. The Hair Dew daily hair quenching lotion was $13 for an 8.4 fl oz bottle. The final product ordered was the Jucies and Berries Pomade in the 4 fl oz size and it was $12. I don't recall how much I paid for shipping but I think it was like $3 to $4 for the Hair dew and the Juices and Berries Spray respectively, which I each ordered separately. I believe it was the Honey Hemp and the Jucies and Berries Pomade that I ordered together and I think it was $9-ish that I paid for that shipping. I was more than satisfied with my regular updates via emails from Oyin telling me when my order was being processed and when it had shipped. My order reached Jamica by the Friday of the week and I got them by the 9th of April. That was pretty fast considering that I live all the way in Jamaica! Did I mention that I got a lot of sweets (which my family and I enjoyed!) and 4 bottles of bubbles! So fun! Really cool company, Oyin Handmade!

Product Reviews

Burnt Sugar Pomade

The Burnt Sugar Pomade was ordered previously and has been oly passingly mentioned in my pevious post. It might just be my favourite product! The smell is so excitingly captivating! It lift my mood at the slightest whiff and I cant fall to sleep at nights without reaching for it and inhaling deeply! :-) Yes, it is a strong odour, so odour-sensitive people you might want to stay away from this one. It is an intense scent of a vanilla-like, sugary, chocolatey dessert! Quite yummy! ( Yes, I actually tasted it, not bad for a hair product! Ps. Don't judge me :-) )  Once I got over how great it smelled and started using it, my love for this product morphed from one level to the next. This product with all its fantastic ingredients, such as broccoli seed oil, castor seed oil, mango seed oil and cocoa seed butter, to name a few, is actually doing a world of good for the hair in addition to smelling like a slice of heaven!! What more can a girl ask for? I got a great two strand twist, that didn't unravel by day two, and an even more beautiful twist out on day three. I use this pomade to seal my hair and do the twists while my hair was still damp. It even soothed my itchy scalp! Everyone, and I mean everyone, people on the street, at worship, in restaurants, all stopped me to tell me how great my hair smelled! The smell lingers all day, it doesnt come out of my hair until I wash again. It gets progressive lighter as the days go by, but as you guys know, I dont mind. :-)My mom and sister commented too on how shine my hair was. I can definitely say that I will repurchase this once it finishes. I got it in the 8 fl oz and I paid $18 for it.

Hair Dew

I have been on a quest for a moisturizer that keeps my hair feeling soft, even after it dries and I have to say that this moisturizer has filled a gaping hole in my hair care regimen. It is lightweight and smells like a milder version of the burnt sugar pomade. Subtly enticing. I love it. It compliments the Burnt Sugar Pomade nicely. I used the Hair dew yesterday after washing my hair and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my hair is so soft and mositurized I can't keep my hands out of it! I love this moisturizer! And with ingedients like castor seed oil,, olive oil, aloe vera leaf juice and coconut oil it is now a staple in my regimen.

Juices and Berries Nourishing Herbal Leave-in Hair Tonic.

I bought this spray after reading reviews on how delicious it smells. It smells very nice, kind of like a berry kool aid or some sort of fruit punch mix. Now, I am sure this is doing something nice for my hair bcause of all the awesome ingredients, (shavegrass extract, lavender extract, nettle leaf, chamomile, flax seeds and more!) but I can't definitely attribute any changes in my hair to it. I do love that it smell so great and I don't leave out without spraying it in my hair. My only complaint would be that I wish it had a sweeter, sugary smell. It smells great as it is, but I would just like it to have a more sugary undertone. But apart from that, nothing but love. I will most definately repurchase this. And a little goes a long way so I know it will last me a long time. Potent stuff people!

Juices and Berries Pomade.

Now I really love this pomade! It smells just like the Juices and Berries spray but just a little sweeter. It gave me the same results as I got using the Burnt Sugar pomade. I use it to seal my hair after washing and putting in the Hair Dew. My hair is so soft and absolutely no frizzies! Its a bangin' combo ya'll! Look at this two strand twist and judge for yourself!

My edges are coming back thanks to emu oil!

Washed with Terressentials lavender garden, used honey hemp condtioner, hair dew then jucies & berries pomade

Soft is an understatement!

Here is a picture of the Pomade.

See, Its really thick and a little goes a long way! Don't forget that!

Honey Hemp Detangling and Moisturizing hair Condtioner.

This conditioner is of a thick, creamy consistency and has a light citrusy scent. Honestly, there is just something about the scent that I don't like. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly but It does have really excellent slip and does make my hair softer than any other conditioner I have ever used. I also notice that my hair is considerable less frizzy than it usually is after a wash. It does have in hydrolized silk which is a form of protein, so protein sensitive people take note. I like this conditioner for deep moisture treatment and for coditioning my hair after washing with my Terressentials Lavender Garden hair wash. But I really do not like it as a co-wash as it leaves my hair and scalp feeling oily as if it wasn't cleansed at all. So I guess I will have to stick to my Aunt Jackie's curl control co-wash. As I said though, it is a great conditioner and detangler and it really does define my curl pattern and make my curls pop. I will repurchase it though because I love knowing that my hair products are natural and healthy for me as an individual.

In closing I would like to encourage men also to give these products a try. The pomades are the same consitency as old school hair grease so its great for making short hair wavy. The quality of these products are above par and I love the company itself. All products are handmade and because they are not bulk made items, I think more care is put into them :-) So if you have been eyeballing Oyin products for a while, let me be the one to give you that push, go, go, go, get Oyin today!!!


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