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This hair journey of mine has been a frustrating mix of trial and error and a lot of wasted cash. I have spent far more than I should on hair products, just counting from the beginning of 2013. And so it brings me great joy and satisfacton to finally be able to admit to myself and the world that for now I have found the perfect hair products. Oyin Handmade. Now I am the first to admit how skeptical I can be when I read reviews and the products are praised to such a superlative degree that one begins to wonder if there is some hidden agenda. Is this blogger working for that particular brand? Is she getting money to write such a glowing review? Well in my case the answer to both of those questions is a resounding no. Rather it is just a scenario where I am particularly pleased with my purchase from Oyin Handmade.
Ordering, Prices and Shipping So I placed my order on April 2,2013. I found 10% off coupons online and also in Oyin's newsletter. (Be sure to subscribe to it!). So I was q…