Growing up, my sister and I had the thickest hair! Wash day was dreaded and my poor mother struggled to run us down, catch us and do our hair. The tears were plenty and my mom was soaked from head to toe by the time she was through! Needless to say, we wanted our hair to be relaxed. But my father didn't believe children should get relaxers. So we went through all types of detanglers and nothing helped.
   Then I started high school, and only a handful of my classmates had natural hair, so I started getting my hair braided (cornrowed). Every week my neighbor would braid my hair. She had to do it really tight so it would last for the whole week, so before I realized it, my edges were thinning out. I still continued to get this done every week so I didn't feel too out of place.

   Then I finally relaxed my hair. (Sometimes I would have a good hair day, sometimes it was awful. In the pic above I was about 3 months into transitioning.) It was the beginning of the end. My hair broke, split, and fell off. I tried all kinds of hair products and spent thousands of dollars at the trichologist. I cut my hair short and continued relaxing it, but my edges were now completely bald! Then August of 2012 I decided to transition. By November I decided to get box braids. 
My braids.
Of all the things I had ever done, this was the worst! I took them out in December and I cried tears when I saw the amount of my hair that fell  out! My hair had even started to loc, presumably because I washed my hair with the braids ! It was a disaster! So once again, ironically, after so many years I was back sitting before my mother, just as I did when I was a child. She tried her best but my hair was matted and

The masacre. lol

tangled to say the least.

     After futile attempts to get my hair to look even half decent, I gave up and decided to just go ahead and do my big chop.

I was so scared! I felt like I was ugly! No one liked my new hair style. And because I was so insecure I felt terrible. But I persisted and made up my mind that I would make this work for me! I tried eco styler gels and found that the gave me great curls! I dressed up my twa (teeny weeny afro)with great accessories that I bought at (They have lots of great stuff which are quite cheap even with the shipping all the way to Jamaica) So I still have those thin edges but I am working on them and will post regular progress reports. Here is a picture if my edges today.
My edges are still quite thin but I am working on them.
   So finally, I am happy. My hair is short, but it is healthy and that's the main focus, not length, but healthy hair. In my upcoming blogs I will discuss my hair regimen. Please bear in mind that what works for me may not work for you. Thanks for reading and I look forward to having you by my side on my hair journey! Here are some pictures of how I style my hair and my accessories!

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