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I have done a few new things to my hair. I once made an avocado, honey and olive oil mask, which I must say was absolutely awesome!  

 I also did a rod set on freshly washed hair. 

  And I have started using the shea moisture purification mask  and the shea moisture deep treatment mask  as well. I really love the moisture retention mask, it is quite moisturizing but the purification mask feels like it strips my hair. It is very drying.

It is very difficult to get great natural hair products in Canada. They are basically nonexistent here and very expensive to order online. I am sometimes charged an extra customs fees when they are delivered to my door. Here are some pictures of my hair and some various styles I have done in the past few months.

Stay tuned for my next blog which will feature a few wigs I have boug



It has been a difficult transition migrating to a new county. But being the resilient person I am the challenges are slowly being conquered. So what's new with me? Well I got married in July, I started working in June and so I have been so busy that honestly I have neglected my hair. I did a light edge trimming a few weeks ago. Not sure how effective that was. Overall my hair is in relatively good shape. Most recently I blow-dried and flat-ironed my hair. It was a bit of a disaster to be honest, I thought my hair would have been long enough by now to get easily styled into a small bun. But it was anything but easy!. I eventually succeeded but I was definitely not pleased with it. The ends of my hair felt thicker than the rest and proved very difficult to straighten. I did use lots of heat protecting serum which really protected my hair. (I washed my hair after a few days and it went back to being curly with no straight hairs poking out which means I did not have any heat damage…


This hair journey of mine has been a frustrating mix of trial and error and a lot of wasted cash. I have spent far more than I should on hair products, just counting from the beginning of 2013. And so it brings me great joy and satisfacton to finally be able to admit to myself and the world that for now I have found the perfect hair products. Oyin Handmade. Now I am the first to admit how skeptical I can be when I read reviews and the products are praised to such a superlative degree that one begins to wonder if there is some hidden agenda. Is this blogger working for that particular brand? Is she getting money to write such a glowing review? Well in my case the answer to both of those questions is a resounding no. Rather it is just a scenario where I am particularly pleased with my purchase from Oyin Handmade.
Ordering, Prices and Shipping So I placed my order on April 2,2013. I found 10% off coupons online and also in Oyin's newsletter. (Be sure to subscribe to it!). So I was q…


I have bought a few new products since my last post. First off, I'd like to discuss the Terressentials lavender organic hair wash.

 I have used it about five times and I love it! It has organic aloe vera juice, bentonite clay and tons of other all natual stuff! It is also uses USDA certified organic ingredients. I try to stick to all natural products because they are far healthier for you. Ingredients from products applied to the scalp and the skin can easily be absorbed into the body and some of these ingredients can be very harmful. So, if for that reason alone I love Terressentials! It smells great and believe me when I tell you that it makes my curls pop! After rinsing it out my hair is still curly. After which I follow through with my Giovanni Direct leave in Weightless moisture Conditioner. It is my holy grail leave in and I doubt I woul ever replace it.
So all in all I love my terressentials, and a little goes a long way! There are also different flavours such as the mint,…


Growing up, my sister and I had the thickest hair! Wash day was dreaded and my poor mother struggled to run us down, catch us and do our hair. The tears were plenty and my mom was soaked from head to toe by the time she was through! Needless to say, we wanted our hair to be relaxed. But my father didn't believe children should get relaxers. So we went through all types of detanglers and nothing helped.
   Then I started high school, and only a handful of my classmates had natural hair, so I started getting my hair braided (cornrowed). Every week my neighbor would braid my hair. She had to do it really tight so it would last for the whole week, so before I realized it, my edges were thinning out. I still continued to get this done every week so I didn't feel too out of place.

Then I finally relaxed my hair. (Sometimes I would have a good hair day, sometimes it was awful. In the pic above I was about 3 months into transitioning.) It was the beginning of the end. My hair broke, …