Curls Cashmere and Caviar Collection Style and Product Review.

Curls Cashmere and Caviar Collection

Quality ingredients are the foundation of quality hair products and the new Curls Cashmere and Caviar collection does not disappoint. The products work seamlessly together to give a luxurious, relaxing and spa- like experience for your hair.
Talk about moisture! Every product in this line works perfectly with the next! If you have kinky, dry hair, then you need this line! It has hydrolyzed cashmere protein which helps to strengthen and smooth thecuticle, improving shine.

Caviar is rich in vitamins A& B and high in antioxidants! It’s also an excellent source of Omega-3 and Omega-6, enhances moisture, naturally repairs and restores kinky & curly strands while improving sebum production which helps in preventing hair loss.

The Cashmere and Caviar line also has champagne fruit extract, the antioxidants in which are 20 to 50 times more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E and provides superior protection from damage while purifying the hair and …

Twist out with Botanic Fulani- First Impressions

Botanic Fulani- Healthy hair care products

Quality healthy hair care products are truly important in the Natural Hair Journey, they can make or break your hair and length retention goals.  Botanic Fulani products are natural, and packed with amazing ingredients that not only help to nourish and moisturize the hair and scalp, but also to promote growth.
Biotin hair masque-  When I used this Masque, I was blown away by how moisturizing and softening it was! It left my hair feeling hydrated, strengthened and soft. The key ingredients are : biotin, vitamin B5, algae Extract, hores tail extract, organic gotu kola, japanese green tea, borage seed oil and wild geranium.  It also contains Murumuru Butter and MSM powder which helps repair tissues and promote hair growth. This deep conditioner is rich and creamy and is readily absorbed into the hair, especially when paired with a plastic cap and heat.

 Creme Brulee Souffle- This Souffle is creamy and silky. It has good slip an…


The B.Clishea Guides to Healthy Hair success. Having Natural hair can be a complex and confusing journey. What products can I use in my hair? What are good ingredients? What can I do to make my hair grow?  BeClishea has taken the guesswork out of caring for your hair. 
With 5 simple and easy to follow books, they've really made it that much easier to take the plunge.

A DIY Guide For All Things Natural hair-
The first book has tons of diy recipes. They are all straightforward and easy to follow. A lot of hair products on the market have side-eye worthy ingredients lists. Another thing too is that naturals outside of the U.S have a significantly harder time finding reasonable priced hair products.  Queue Do-It-Yourself products. These products are generally a blend of whatever fruits and oils one finds in their home. But DIY's have evolved to more than just a random blend of oils and produce.  This book will covers topics such as: Different types of conditioners
* Hair rinses
* 35 …

Mixed Chicks products- Making Natural Hair Care Easy!

Mixed Chicks

When the natural hair revolution started, circa early 2000's there was Mixed Chicks. Founded by Wendy Levy and Kim Etheridge this brand has made it's mark in the Natural hair community, and most naturals have tried Mixed Chicks products.
I was so excited when I got the chance to try them this month, and I am blown away by how well they worked for my hair. 

Conditioning Cleansing Cowash-
 I love the slip of this conditioner. Typical cowashes tend to leave my scalp dirty, so I was so pleased to see how clean both my hair and scalp were.  I also loved the scent. It definitely wasn't overpowering at all and makes an excellent deep conditioner too,  just add a plastic cap for 15 minutes!

Daily Hair Dress-
This stuff is amazing! Its a rich and creamy daily moisturizer that doubles as a great leave in. With great ingredients like sweet almond oil, safflower seed oil and avocado oil, I knew this moisturizer was going to work wonders for my hair!
I feel like I could use this …

Mielle Mongongo Oil Collection Review

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Mielle Organics has dropped that new, new- Mongongo Collection!
It's been all over Instagram  for a while and I am so glad to say I got a chance to review this entire line thanks to the lovely Monique from Mielle Organics!

First off let me talk about the packaging. Everything was packaged super well! The tubes all had a plastic foil sealing under the cap and under the jar as well. Not to mention the beautiful box they come in along with lots of informative pamphlets!

Pre Shampoo Treatment The pre shampoo treatment is a clear serum- like liquid that is best applied directly to the scalp and then the hair, to help loosen dirt and product buildup. It basically makes the job of the shampoo easier.  I found it to be very effective at removing dirt and I also loved the light peppermint scent! It has a wonderful cooling effect on my scalp.  Overall I do like this product, however I wish it came with an applicator tip instead so it…

Clishea Hair Products

CliShea- Healthy hair care line

Recently I had the privilege of trying these fabulous products by Clishea. My interest was piqued when I found out that this line has Tamanu oil, a favourite of mine. Tamanu oil has many beneficial properties and helps to protect the hair and scalp while promoting growth and length retention. The simple yet stylish packaging was very appealing too. Clishea sells an assortment of hair kits. Each hair kit comes with all the products shown but with one varying key ingredient. From example, there is Tamanu oil in the Tamanu kit shown above, there's also an argan oil kit and an olive oil kit. 
Performance I was a bit skeptical at first because honestly, these products are pretty small compared to others. However, they are very concentrated and only a small amount is needed. The shampoo cleans well without leaving my hair dryer or stripped. The entire line has a relaxing scent. It reminds me of being at the spa. There's a hint of citrus followed by lave…

Mello Hair Care Products

Mello Hair Care products

     So a few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady who lives here in Canada and asked if I'd like to review her products.  I immediately went on her site and took a look at her products. One glance at the ingredients list and my interest was piqued! All of her products are 100% natural!

The Curl Hydration hair spray is amazing! It has a lovely pepperminty scent and really makes my scalp tingle! It feels like it's opening up my follicles! Peppermint oil is said to be the only oil scientifically proven to promote growth, so I was so happy that it has peppermint oil!  It made my hair feel very moisturized and definitely cleared up my sinuses! 
The Moisture Retention hair butter is more like a thick pomade and is fantastic for sealing in moisture. Especially with the upcoming winter months, I really don't think you can go wrong with this butter! It's so rich and so packed with amazing, all natural and organic ingredients that your hair will feel …